Friday, July 2, 2010

Phone Pics

I was deleting some pics on my phone and thought I'd post a few today and maybe a few tomorrow...

Some dude beside me on some flight.

The name game continues with "Muvni."

The hand of an orangutan which had been in an old freezer of Hale for eons.

Super scary blue devil horse at the Denver Airport. Incidentally, it killed its creator.

The most American of all stegosaurs.

Ron takes pictures of me (with my phone) when I am sleeping or when I've just woken up. I really love when he does it.

Awesome dancing cat video.

Happy Friday!


  1. hey Miss - you took a phone pic of a video? lol
    and nice wake up picture, did he mess your hair up?
    thanks for the laugh :-)

  2. A) Yes. When I am away I often send Ron a pic of what I am watching.
    B) Nope. My hair was just that messy on its own.
    C) Tomorrow I'll post a "condom up a tree" pic. FYI.