Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bits and bites

We have been saving our "Hitching Post" Highliner for a special occasion, but in true Sideways fashion decided to make last night a special occasion by cracking the Highliner. mmm...

A few quotes from the week that I find worthy of note:

~ Chrissy Russo (the weather girl on the morning news) while interviewing the producer of 'The Ultimate Wave Tahiti', "Sure you learned about surfing, but did you learn anything about friendship or science?"
friendship or science??

~ Some kid on 'Wife Swap' when his new mom suggested he wear something other than black clothes, "You think that if I wear bright colors life will be all flowers and sausages?"
flowers and sausages??

- Marni giving her DOB to the pharmacist, " March 13th, 1938."

Ron after walking in on Marni using the lou, "That's a crazy faucet!"

On the Name Game, I can now add:
- Mary
- Marinie

Happy Sunday eve!

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  1. Wow Miss, you're 72? You don't look a day over 32!