Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This week I:

1. Got my new computer! I don't know why I get so upset when my old puters die, since the new ones are always so comparatively awesome. Must be some weird computer amnesia syndrome. My new one is small and light and bright and has a 12HR battery life. Sweet!

2. Tried 'Heavenly Cupcakes', which is supposed to be San Diego's best cupcake shop. I got one double chocolate cup to eat-in and one to go. Eat-in was good but take-home was much better, as I put it in the fridge overnight. Neither were "Joan's on Third" or "Sprinkles" good, but I would definitely go back in a pinch.

3. Went out AT NIGHT. Ron and I were a bit embarrassed to realise that this was the first time we had been out AT NIGHT in downtown San Diego. Right? Even through all my yawning, it was super fun! We a) got me cupcakes, b) saw Adam Corolla at the House of Blues, and c) got to see all the costumed-up Comic Con peeps. Seriously, this is a big deal for me... I haven't made midnight on New Year's Eve since 2000! Here we are all out and about at 11pm:

4. Got a permit from the CDC to bring lemur poop into the USA. No poop smuggling for me!

5. Filed a lawsuit. Back in 2008 Ron and I got rearended in that horrible LA traffic. I sprained my neck and had to go to the chiropractor for a few weeks. Bastard insurance company won't pay my medical bills, so poor Ron get's to appear for me in Small Claims court in LA in September.

6. Tried to relax a bit with the leaving-Ron-and-Kitty-going-to-Madagascar-and-have-a-million-things-to-plan-must-freak-out. In the wise words of DVG, "Don't worry. In forty years you'll be f%#cking dead."


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