Monday, July 12, 2010

Devil cat

Don't let her fool you. She is the devil. Once in a while Kitty does this yowling thing when she wakes up. Its kinda like she wakes up and has no idea where she is, and is scared, so she starts yowling. Last night she decided to yowl most of the night. I did some research of this night time cat yowling and it can be as a result of a number of things including: hyperthyroidism (Sammy had that and Kitty most definitely does not, given the size of her belly), hypertension (which I doubt because she has none of the other symptoms), dementia (which I also doubt, but who knows), and anxiety disorders (bingo!). The only thing that calms her down is hugging and bum-tapping. So, I get up and bring her to bed and give her a good hug and a bum-tap. But eventually, I fall asleep and she gets up and starts all over. I spent over 3 hrs doing the hugging/bum-tapping. Poor little devil is all tuckered out today and sleeping like a rock.


  1. She's an attention hog - and so is my cat Sadie....she meows to wake me up every time I'm sleeping and she's not. When I finally give up and get up - she then will sleep like a rock too.
    I haven't tried bum-tapping, not sure I want to do that....

  2. Does Sadie actually yowl? Its really a horrible noise!

  3. Sadie just does normal meowing but it's annoying.
    Soon you will yearn for Kitty's yowling as you are awakened by the noises of forest critters!