Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I take food fairly seriously. I like really good quality ingredients, which are preferably local, organic and of course, preferably in season. I can tell the difference between spring vs fall parmigiano reggiano and Venezuelan vs Brazilian chocolate. Whole Foods is my 2nd BFF and I heart any good farmers market.

The Beverly Hills Farmers Market:

My edible organic local herbal bouquet from the Little Italy Farmers Market:

When traveling, some people are into art or architecture or people, but for me its really about food. That being said, Ron and I have a very dirty little secret... When we go on a long day trip or are traveling any distance in the car, although I do map out the best spots for grub along the way, we almost always squeeze in one trip to... Sizzler! I eat all the super saltly salad bar tidbits like baby corn and smooshy olives, and then I always have some of the soft-serve ice cream and jam-like topping. mmm, Sizzler ice cream jam, mmm.

On the name game, I can now add "MARVIN LAFUUR."

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  1. Cute name for your next cat- McFuur.