Monday, July 5, 2010


There is something about the desert that scares me. Take this sink for example:

Outside of the desert = just narly
In the desert = terrifying and only used to clean up after murders

Or this dog skull:

Outside of the desert = adorable
In the desert = gives me the willies

Or these Corona:

Outside of the desert = tasty
In the desert = tasty yet frightening. Also, the deer is wearing antler "earings" that say 'kiss me, I'm Irish.' That'll scare the crap out out you.

BTW On our jont through the desert yesterday, we got stopped by Border Patrol. The officer LAUGHED when we said we were Canadian. He then raised a brow and asked "what are you doing here?" Is it that weird that a couple of Canadians are cruising through the desert?!


  1. Well most San Diegans don't head to the desert in July-let alone Canadians. BTW please don't go to Arizona without your passport, you might get arrested.

  2. I suppose... Arizona is the scariest! Ron and I almost got thrown in "Miracopa County" last year after a drug dog picked up something on our car. Thank goodness a) we weren't transporting drugs and b) I can talk my way out of nearly anything!