Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beach Bag LaFleur

I'd like to introduce the newest and most patriotic member of our gang, Beach Bag LaFleur. I thought it would be super adorable to get a pic of Kitty in Beach Bag LaFleur.

So I showed her the inside

but she decided to play cute

and then play cuter

so I brought bouncy mouse into the mix, which got her attention

just long enough for her to kick the sh*t out of the top of Beach Bag LaFleur

but then she went in!

BUT, she came out so quick that the only shot I got was of her BUTT.

So, the Beach Bag LaFleur has retired as a Kitty prop and taken on full-time beaching.


  1. That's nice and all but Beach Bag LaFleur needs a red maple leaf. Just sayin'

  2. Good call. Maybe Beach Bag LaFleur would be better liked and safer when traveling if she(?) wore a big 'ol maple leaf.