Saturday, July 3, 2010

Phone Pics, 2

As promised...

Calgary airport. Dinosaur hockey. Adorable.

Kitty being a spazz. Note our 13" tv on an ironing board. Ron was so embarrassed when the cable dude came that he (lied and) said the "plasma" was on its way. A plasma would have been tricky on the ironing board. tee hee.

Kitty action figure!

Kitty, chillin.

CU Boulder at 4:20 on 4/20. There was actually a plane flying overhead wishing all a "Happy 4/20." Its taken very seriously in good 'ol BoBo.

Yet another "good morning" phone pic from Ron. This time I had time to get my finger out.

I was out for a run in Boulder and stumbled across a herd of goats. Weird.

Condom up a tree. Yes, its a condom up a tree.

Happy Saturday!


  1. The 4/20 one is so funny...all that ganga haze!! Did you know there's a 4:20 club at UVic? Outside the library every Thursday at...4:20.

    The goats were there to remind you that you'll be going to the field for a VERY LONG TIME.

  2. And how funny...the 'secret word' that I had to type to get the last comment published was 'spaced', what better word could one get for a comment about the 4:20 club.

  3. For some reason the Kitty Action Figure cracks me up!

    Kitty immortalized..!