Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bad teeth

I hate the dentist and I have terrible teeth, which is a particularly unfortunate combination. There is always something wrong with them and every time I go to the dentist, which is frequently, I need major work. I was supposed to have a crown put on my right maxillary M2 today, but luckily got to postpone my appointment because of an insurance thing.

I think I may of had the worst root canal experience ever... Back in 2006 I had a tooth that had been aching on and off for months, so I agreed to have a root canal. My dentist, who was new but very nice, froze me up and got down to business with the drilling. The tooth was very sensitive, even after all the freezing, so she stopped a couple of times for extra local anaesthetic, but explained to me that there might be some infection/inflammation in the tooth which would make it difficult to impossible to freeze. So we continued. Until I experienced the most unbelievable white light excruciating intense pain. It was so so horrible. I nearly passed out and was sobbing in the chair. The tooth started bleeding a LOT and pools of blood and tears were dripping down my face, collecting in my ears and then splashing on the floor. The dentist was still trying to work, but with all the blood and crying, she decided to patch me up and refer me to a specialist. It was so so horribly painful.

So, I went home and bled for hours. I called the office a couple of times and they said the bleeding was "normal" and to suck on some tea bags. I chose to suck on some wine.

When I finally made it to a specialist, I was so scared that I started crying just waiting for him. I did take Gary with me though, so that helped. Anyhow, the specialist took this pic of the tooth from the inside of my mouth:

The upper dark space is what a root canal should look like. The lower large dark gaping hole is what Dentist #1 did, presumably by accident. She had actually drilled from the centre of the tooth completely through the and perforated the front, through my gums and into my maxillary bone. So it wasn't that I had an infection or inflammation, just a psychotic dentist who decided to wildly drill through various non-anesthetized parts of my mouth. And then send me home with "normal" bleeding. WORST.EVER.

Dentists suck. What kind of a sicko becomes a dentist anyhow? I should ask my dentist. In fact, next time I am there I will ask. hmph, this is making me all verklempt. Think I'll go to the pool.


  1. This story is nothing short of horrific and as someone that is already petrified by the dentist. probably not one I should have read. Although my tales are not nearly as bad, I have had one dentist dislocate my jaw, another took out my wisdom teeth resulting in two cases of dry socket and leaving me unable to eat solid food for 3 weeks, and the last was a "temporary" crown that was glued on with permanent glue by a stupid dental assistant that couldn't follow directions leaving the dentist to saw it off in chunks. I'm a big fan of the sedation dentistry now. A good dose of Valium is the only thing that can get me back in that chair.

    Good luck with the crown! Oh, and triple check that they are using a temporary fixative before you let them go near your poor mouth.


  2. OMG! Thank goodness my dentist had the smarts to send me to the specialist when I got my root canal done.


  3. Don't be hatin dentists, just think of the bad breath and mouth goo they deal with!