Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fear of the unknown

So I have 27 days till I leave and all of the unknowns are starting to add up and get scary. Like how long does it take to get from EWR to JFK, and where is the visa office in Tana, and how do I get to Jumbo Score now that my Jumbo Score was burned down, and where is the US Embassy now, and how much rice do you buy for 3.5 people for 8+ months, and where do you keep the rice for 3.5 people for 8+ months, and how much is the rice for 3.5 people for 8+ months going to cost, and how many pots should I buy, and will I be able to find a cook, and how will I get water, and will I be able to find the lemurs, and will I be able to tell the lemurs apart, and will I be able to find the lemur poop, and will I get the lemur poop back through customs, and how will Ron be, and how will Kitty be, and many many many other things.

Oh well, may as well enjoy my Organic Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss bar while I can! Night.


  1. And what if the lemurs are constipated?!

  2. And what if my adviser freaks out on me 27 days before I leave to conduct my research? :/

    Don't buy 8 months of rice at once- the bugs/rats may get it before you can eat it all. The researchers at Vato kept all the food in a seperate tent and put it in large trash bags to help keep out the bugs etc.

    Good luck! Holly

  3. 3.5 people? Is a half of a person coming with you? Just curious. Karen

  4. Miss- I won't be feeding the lemurs rice AND I will have plenty of laxitives, along with every other drug store med ever invented. Seriously, you should see my bag of drugs.

    Holly- True dat. My advisor is cool although I did get a message about a detached retina in Mad. Good call on the grub.

    Karen- I will have various people coming for short amounts of time. I figure they equal 0.5 of 1 human ;)