Thursday, June 17, 2010


These chainsaw f$#@ers have been chainsawing outside our place for now the 4th day in a row. S*%t is driving me bonkers*.

Yesterday, I took a break from the freaking chainsawing, which if I didn't mention IS driving me bonkers, and took my new tripod to the Zoo.

Koalas are always adorable.

Meerkats may be the best to photograph. This guy was on watch until everyone else fell asleep, and then decided to snooze and sun his belly. Never trust him to watch your place.

They were kind enough to line up for me, such that I could get a Sears-style portrait. Tee hee. Meerkats are awesome.

Think I may go to the Museum of Man today. I suppose the chainsawing is good for getting out...

*I really thing "bonkers" is a pleasant yet underused word.

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