Friday, June 11, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, Ron and I caught an old episode of the Sopranos on tv. Then we watched the first few episodes through the "on demand" feature of our cable package and decided we'd like to watch the series start-to-finish. On demand only had a few episodes, so we tried getting the discs from netflicks, but they only send one disc at a time (with the package we subscribe to) and the discs aren't necessarily in order. So you can que season 2, but since there are 4 discs for season 2, you may get disc 4 first. Not the way to watch a series.

So then we tried Blockbuster. Have you rented from them lately? A) Its $5 for each non-new release, which seems outrageous. B) Late fees are back, and lets face it, I was born to return things late. C) I fucked it all up and picked out the wrong discs (I thought I had all the season 2 discs, when in fact I had discs 1-4 of various seasons. Lets face it, I don't always pay attention to details)

Don't worry, Costco saved the day and we bought the entire series, and got $50 bucks off to boot. It was actually cheaper to buy than to rent.

Anyhow, here's the problem. Ron now has us in a military-type regime to get through the series. He figures we can't really get on with our lives until we've completed watching ALL 33 discs, and insists we get through 3.5 episodes per night. We are already behind in the schedule and I have a feeling tonight is going to be a late one.

Already, all my dreams are gangster-centric. If I'm not being chased/shot I am chasing/shooting. And I am craving pasta. I think it all might be an elaborate ploy to get me to have dinner on the table daily at 6pm, just like Carm.

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