Monday, June 21, 2010


We had some seriously good grub this weekend.

Lunch at Blue Water Seafood. These guys make what I consider the best fish taco in town. That being said, I branched out and had the local fresh halibut sandwich. I *generally* think sandwiches are a waste. Sandwiches are usually either a bunch not very tasty junk all smashed together or really tasty stuff that you can't taste because its all mashed together. That being said, once in a while you do get an excellent sandwich that is just right, and my halibut sandwich was one of these gems.

Dinner Part 1 at the Urban Solace, which is a farm-to-table joint. I had a lovely glass of malbec and we shared a bowl of pan roasted mussels with smoked tomato butter and charred toast. Malbec and mussels? I was cold and it was amazing.

Dinner Part 2 at the Linkery, which is another farm-to-table joint. This place means business too- they make everything (other than beer and wine) in-house, right down to ketchup and club soda. The stars of the evening were these incredible char grilled green beans. I would have never imagined that a) you could toss green bean on the 'ol bbq, or b) that they would be so so good.

Lunch at Don Ponchos. Our favorite fish taco dive.

Dinner? Fish tacos at home. And they were good. We cheated a bit and bought a pint of the Don Ponchos taco sauce, but perfection doesn't come overnight people.

My poor camera is on the fritz, so all I have some sad-ish phone pics and not much else. Have no fear, my new camera should arrive this week :)

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