Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blogger's Block

Seriously. I have just 64 days of glorious internet remaining, and I have blogger's block. This definitely constitutes f@%*ing it up.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Requests?


  1. Hello, earthquake? You could blog about it.
    Also, food pics are always good!
    Any Kitty antics are also great reading...

  2. Right. Earthquake, grub, and Kitty. Got it ;) Earthquake was long, like a minute, and Kitty got all confused and started watching tv (which was the Sopranos). Went to Burger Lounge last night after a pm snorkel. Was so freaking good! I had a "kids" grass-fed beef burger with carmelized onions and white chedar. MMM...

  3. What about literary landscape, and homage to verbiage, a grammar jamboree or spelling rodeo?

  4. Mr. Anonymous is sounding more flamboyant with every post. Grammar jamboree? Tee hee!