Thursday, June 3, 2010

The best 89 bucks I ever spent

Its not shoes.
Its not candy.
Its not olive oil.
Its not a parking ticket while getting the shoes/candy/oil.

What is the best 89 bucks I ever spent?

Portable shower/outhouse shelter. Its mine and it kicks butt!


  1. Trying to solve the same problem for my Panama trip- I have the shower part covered but am trying to figure out the outhouse. Are you digging one or using a lugga loo aka bucket?

  2. Digging ;) Where the heck are you going in Panama where there isn't an outhouse?!

  3. In Bocas there are very few outhouses in Ngabe communities. My research assistant laughed when I said we would did a hole for the latrine. I bet he won't laugh when he sees the luggaloo!