Monday, June 7, 2010

The Name Game

Baristas and cashiers have a terrible time with my name. I used to try to correct them to get my actual name written on my cup, but now I just agree with whatever the cashier says and see what name comes up. This is much more fun.

In the cup pictured, I was obviously "Marleen", but oddly enough the barista called out "Margaret" for my drink. The following are actual names that have been written on my coffee cups:

- Marty (this is the most common)
- Marfi (occasionally)
- Margie (once in a while)
- Markleby (no kidding)
- Barfi (yes, like the vomit)

Yesterday, the cashier said "oh, I have a friend named Marni" and proceeded to write on the cup. Then, the barista called out my drink (decaf non-fat "sugar daddy")rather than my name. When I got to the counter he asked me what my name was. To "Marni" he replied "Wow, I was way off. I though the cup said either 'Bert' or 'Meat'." He was correct, my name could have been either Bert or Meat. So now, I can add:

- Bert
- Meat

Be careful what you name your children!

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