Friday, June 18, 2010


Last night I had a long elaborate dream in which a faceless/genderless stranger came to the door to tell me that Sam was NOT dead. Sam, allegedly, just hadn't been around because he had a new BFF who happened to be A) the stranger's dog, and B) a dead ringer for the littlest Hobo. After following the stranger outside, low-and-behold, there was Sammy right next Hobo. The only problem was that Sam had a large black patch on his back. I got quite worried that the black patch was because he was dead, but NO, Hobo said, the patch was just because he and Sam had been spending so much time having fun in the sun. hmm... Must lay off night-time candy snacks.

Ron is working late, so I am about to attempt to turn on the tv. Fingers crossed!

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