Saturday, June 26, 2010

Post Script

LG asked if I took the nose pills, and if so, did I rinse them first. Allow me to digress a moment...

Ron was making my morning coffee yesterday morning. "We" have a lovely morning routine wherein Ron wakes up first then when I wake up, he silently passes me my chap stick and phone. I use the chap stick and read my email on my phone while he prepares my coffee. Normally I wait in bed for coffee but yesterday, I got up before it was delivered to the bedroom. Ron was standing there stirring my hot fragrant jo and in seeing that I was out of bed, pulled the waistband of his pajama pants way out. He then put the coffee stirring spoon somewhere in and around his testicles for a minute (looking a bit pained because the spoon was hot). And what did he do with that spoon? It went right back into my delicious hot coffee to finish stirring it up.

Yes, I drank the coffee and yes I took those nasty nose pills (without rinsing them). This is all just part of the Sh*t My Husband Does. I've grown accustom to tesicularly tainted coffee drinks.


  1. compared to stuff you eat and drink in the jungle, it's probably fantastic anyhow!

  2. as someone who has eaten and drunk in the 'jungle'-- actually dry forest where we work, the only thing grosser than the unrinsed nose pills and scrotum spoon would have been the cockroaches running through the rice and the mouse poo in the same rice. But it got cooked-- boiled, so really it wasn't as gross is my opinion.

    LG who is now commenting as 'Lisa ()' don't know what the parentheses are about, they appeared suddenly, but never mind.