Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well, ok, its not really bad enough to be called 'misery' but I am feeling quite sorry for myself.


First, I had to go to the dentist today, which is always miserable. AND I am now the mayor of my dentist's office, meaning I visit the dentist more than anyone else. Ok, ok, I just visit the dentist more than anyone else who goes to my dentist and uses fourquare, but still. I was supposed to be having the two temporary crowns replaced with permanent ones, but one of them just wouldn't fit right. They kept jamming it on off for like a half hour, when finally the stupid thing broke. My teeth are so bad that even my crowns fall apart. Phh. Brutal. Now I have to go back next week for the crown, and the week after for cavities. Phh.

Next, I watched this movie called "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" last week. Its good- essentially the opposite of "Super size Me." The dude in it is overweight, has some kinda autoimmune skin disorder, and decides he wants to get off meds and get healthy. And he does it all with juice. So, I watched the movie and then was all jacked up and ordered a juicer, pledging to do the 10-day "reboot" juice diet. Its been 24-hours since I started my juice-only life, and I feel like I am going to die. BTW- juice only means no caffeine, no chocolate, and no freakin real food. Seriously, 10 days on kale juice (among other things) is not as fun as it sounds. Phh.

Here is my pre-juicer dinner.
I must admit that it is quite tasty. Phh.

So, that's why I am miserable and feeling quite sorry for poor little me.

On the bright side, I got to meet Sticky (possibly LaFleur) yesterday and I love her! Have a look at her, if you haven't already: She is 14lbs and likes to be carried around like a baby. Plus, her ears are way to big for her body. If she wasn't Sticky, I'd definitely call her Winky. She is really docile and totally lazy, which is my kind of dog. The last thing I want is either a dog that is smarter than me or a dog that will eat the wall if you don't take it running all day. The shelter she is at insists on a house visit before they will let you adopt, so that is the next step, and is scheduled for Saturday. Hmm, I wonder if Dead Guy LaFleur will be a problem?

Alright, back to feeling miserable. Phh.


  1. You think Kitty will be cool with a dog?

  2. Sticky-Winky LaFleur is a great name! Imagine calling her when you go to the dog park...


  3. Re Kitty- I'm not sure. She was cool with Stretch, my huge Maine Coon cat. They even played! BUT, I've never seen her interact with a dog. I think she knows dogs, because she really perks up if she hears one barking and she used to like to watch the bulldog that lived downstairs. Sticky is coming over tomorrow, so we will see what happens...

  4. A juice diet....really.....havent you endured enough suffering?? I think you should be eating lobster, hamburgers, tacos and choc muffins for at least another couple months:) I guess you could eat all that green stuff too.

    I hope Kitty likes Sticky. If you get her will she be getting dressed up in those ballerina dresses, just wondering.

    Signed, Mom (who cant stand to think of child suffering)

  5. The first three days of juice are supposed to be the worst. I am at the end of day 2. I cracked a little today and had two cooked carrots, but they made me feel worlds better- believe it or not! No ballet dresses, but maybe a skateboard...