Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Ug. I've been out-of-commish for a couple days with a brutal headache. Alas, I am a bit better today...

Recall the Name Game? Its the ever growing list of names that have been written on the side of my coffee cup. I say "Marni", agree with whatever the barista says, and then wait to see what I've been called.

The Name Game list includes:
-Barfi (my personal favorite)


AHH! Is the Name Game over now? Food for thought.

Here are a few phone pics, from the now distant weekend:

The long table and lots of mustard at Wurstkuche.

Ron's rattlesnake sausage and my fries. Curried ketchup is amazing!

OMG. We stumbled upon a fantastic Spanish tapas place. Here is the grilled onion, crimini mushroom and squash blossom flatbread. Bar Pintxo.

mmm. Brut at Bar Pintxo.

Keeping it real with a Tecate at Big Dean's Muscle In Cafe. We didn't see Skateboard Mama this time, but you can check out her FB fan page (Skateboard Mama Liz Bevington Official Fan Club).

That's it for me. Happy Wednesday!

*Bert and Meat were really just a mix up, as a result of poor penmanship, but I'm keeping them anyhow.

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  1. Next time you MUST say that your name is Barfi, and see what they come up with. You can't let this one die...

    Headache but no fever, yes? I'm still your malaria watchdog.