Friday, July 1, 2011

Hair-brained Idea

Guess what we are thinking of doing? Traveling. For one whole year. Four years from now. You know I'll do it. I just have to get Ron to come along.

Here I am all greasy and jet-lagged out, in Singapore. Ah, travel.

The idea is 12 places in 12 months, including:

1. Where: Spain. Why: Ron has desperately wanted to go to the San Sebastian region of Northern Spain forever.

2. Where: Morocco. Why: Photographing spice markets is on my "bucket list."

3. Where: Uganda. Why: Mountain gorilla trek.

4. Where: South Africa. Why: Safaris and wine. What could be better?

5. Where: Australia. Why: The Great Barrier Reef, of course.

6. Where: Palau. Why: JELLY FISH LAKE!

7. Where: China. Why: Sichuan snub-nosed monkeys and Sichuan cooking (the former is not related to the latter, to be clear) in the North.

8. Where: Thailand. Why: We liked it the first time, so why not? And, we had to leave early because of the whole testicular rash thing. Poor Ron.

9. Where: India. Why: Goa looks amazing.

10. Where: Brazil. Why: The Amazon.

11. Where: Ecuador. Why: The Galapagos.

12. Where: Canada. Why: Gotta see the fam now and then.

Doesn't that sound awesome? When we get to each new place, we could set up shop (like get an apartment and coffee maker), sightsee, relax, eat, drink, read, write, whatever. Then move on a month or so later, and do it all over again. Twelve times.

I like to do things that when I am 90-years-old and looking back on, I will be happy I did. Watch more 90210 re-runs? I probably won't pat myself on the back for all the tv I've watched, or will have plenty of time for doing exactly that when I am 90. Round the world trip? That's the kind of thing you are glad you did.

As for this weekend, we are going only as far as LA. Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian peeps, wherever you might be!


  1. I don't see Italy on your list. Just next door to Spain and you'll never eat better. And you, Marni LaFleur, would LOVE Pompeii.
    I'm sure Ron is pleased that you discussed his rash on your blog.
    Indeed Happy Canada Day!


  2. I am having the worst computer day- I can't even post a comment as myself, on my own blog!

    Anyhow, yes, I do want to go to Italy. I really do need to eat pizza and chocolate covered onions.

    Don't worry, Ron is a skim reader and will never even notice my reference to his man bits.

  3. PS. Anonymous #2 and now #3 = ML