Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kitty is smug

So Sticky was gone all of about 1 hour when Kitty began to gloat. Prancing around, purring, rolling on the carpet. Happy as a pig in... well, you know what. I'm missing Sticky and Kitty is rubbing in how she won and how Sticky was the ugliest, most obnoxious cat she'd ever seen. To top it all off, Ron was all non-sneezy and like, "ooh, I can breathe." Bastards.

The good news about Sticky is that when Ron took her back to the Barking Lot, she was super excited and happy to see all her friends! I was so glad to hear that. Plus, she goes home with the facility's owner every night and will hopefully get the best forever home soon.

We went out for breakfast this morning and I had the biggest blueberry pancake ever. Its called the "Man Hole." mmm...


  1. It's an obscenely large pancake Marni. Did you eat the whole thing? Here I am on my half-assed juice half fast and trying so hard to be good, but last night I went to a BBQ and ate enough food to last me a week! Honestly.
    I was sad to hear about Sticky. I wish I could have adopted her. I do hope she gets a really great home with other dogs to play with. Of course Kitty was gloating, it's one of the dominant behavioral traits in cats.

  2. I DID eat the whole thing, but it took me all day! I've been eating whatever I feel like on Saturday, but it kinda turned into a Saturday/Sunday thing this week.

    I am sad about Sticky, too. She is a good little buddy.

    Kitty just had fresh halibut for dinner and is still prancing around. lol.