Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blog-less in Blog-attle

I've been off the blog a bit this week. I am seemingly always short on time. Every single day I am shocked when 4 o'clock rolls around and its time to wrap up my work. I don't know how people who actually go to work manage. I've also been trying to deal with the Sticky situation. Vacuuming every 10 seconds and dusting like a mad man can really eat into your day!

Anyhow, Ron is currently taking Sticky back for me. I just couldn't bare to do it myself. I was hoping to keep her here, while placing her up for adoption again, so that she could stay until she had a new home to go to. But, the Barking Lot figures she will get a home much quicker if she is actually at the shelter. She was/is one of the doggy greeters there, so she is out front and ready to visit when peeps come in. Sigh. I am really sad she is gone.

But, I am trying to keep happy. And on the brighter side, I just downed a Sprinkles cupcake (banana dark chocolate), and have a pretty sweet sugar buzz going. Plus, I have another cupcake for later (double dark chocolate with sprinkles), which along with some prosecco, will make for an excellent dinner.

Here I am all happy on the Ferris wheel in Santa Monica.

Happy Saturday to all!


  1. Sad day:( Good news is I guess this means you can more cats in place of a dog.

  2. Naw. No more pets for the time being, although I did promise Kitty a mouse-y critter...