Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Kitty LaFleur was fairly pissed that I left. I got out my suitcase and she turned her nose up at me. Then she took herself into her little cat house and played dead. Luckily though, she now has Hammy LaFleur to entertain her when I am away.

Here she is, looking for Hammy LaFleur:

And trying to figure out how he is so fast:

Don't worry. I made it VERY clear to Kitty LaFleur that Hammy LaFleur mustn't "disappear." Lest we forget Fish LaFleur. RIP, brother. Plus, Hammy LaFleur bites. Hard. So there shouldn't be any problems.

On another note, I was forced to agree to the following rules:

For the record, mom, I DO NOT pee in the shower.

I think we are going to get my horse skull out of storage later. Should be a good night!


  1. OHHH, could you clarify getting "horse skull" out of locker, lest anyone thinks we may be the Godfatha. Still seems a little weird to have skeletons, bones, caracasses just hanging around the house;} "just sayin". Although I think its great that you do! And what would the world do without great researchers like you! XoMom

  2. There is absolutely no reason to explain having a horse head in storage. Period. One day, I will definitely have Ron in storage.