Thursday, October 20, 2011

PJ 20

mmm, bacon.
On Tuesday night Ron and I went to a special event at the Stone Brewery (or beer-making-place, for those of us that have difficulties with that word). It was dinner, beer, and an outdoor viewing of the Pearl Jam at 20 documentary. It was a pleasantly warm night and I got to wiggle my toes in the grass. A fantastic evening, equipped with a dude I like to call "Pearl Jam's biggest fan" and bacon crostini.

I know that this sounds lame and people generally recoil in horror when I admit this, but I am not really into music. I mean I like it an all, but I also like quiet. Some peeps would shrivel up and die without  music, but meh,  I certainly wouldn't. That being said, not only did I enjoy the music in PJ 20, but it certainly did take me aback.

"Pearl Jam's greatest fan." He whooped and whistled all night. Ron said, "you'd be so pissed if I was that guy." Yes, I would. But he certainly enjoyed himself. Oh, FYI, all three of his kids when to PJ concerts while in utero.
I was 13 when Ten came out and I distinctly remember the first time I saw the video to Jeremy. I was at in my parents living room in the house on Resthaven Dr. We had a tini tiny 13 inch tv and I was running laps around the couches while watching videos on Much Music. As one does. I recall pausing in front of the tv to watch this video, as I was memorized.  It seemed so scary and serious, and everyone was paying attention to what a kid had to say. Granted, a kid had to blow his head off in front of his class to get that attention, but he certainly got it.

There was a clip in the movie of Andy Rooney complaining about teenagers and asking why they think life is so rough when they actually have it good. Ok sure, grunge kids didn't live through the holocaust or anything, but it is hard to be 13. Not only is the world completely dismissive to you, but you are all mixed up and mad and sad and a generally lost. Or at least I was. At that period in my life, music was very important to me. BTW- I tried to find a pic of 13 year-old Marni, but I seem to of erased that Marni from my collection of photos. I was like me, but rounder, and with a lot more lipstick.

One of the aspects of getting older that I really enjoy is the inherent respect you get with age. People listen to you. Granted, I am fairly bossy, but I generally get what I want and I get called 'ma'am.' Nobody f*%ks with MA'AM. Well, maybe they do, your f*%ked-with quotient definitely diminishes with age. OOh, maybe ma'am is what my cup said:
MaAy? MaAM? Who knows.

One last pic, just to make you drool:

mmm, donut icing.

TTYS. Oh, and if you know a 13 to say 15 year-old jerk, be nice to them. Its hard being them.

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