Friday, October 14, 2011

Its not every day that you stick your hand in a hippo

I have been on somewhat of a blogger's hiatus. I got busy with a paper and then went to Canada. Then it had been so long that it felt like I needed to have something awesome to say before I could write again. And then I just got busy taking a nap or whatever it is that I do.

ANYHOW, today got to both touch a big momma hippo and feel the inside of a baby hippo's mouth. Can you even believe that s*%t?! I have a keeper friend at the San Diego Zoo who took me foe a behind-the-scenes tour. OMG. I was like 6 inches between me and three different tigers! Oh, and one of the tigers had even killed a human. Sure, there was metal and all between us, but I was scared. Its hard to tell your brain everything is ok when you are that close to a 250lb growling cat. Crap. Kitty'll f*%k you up and she weighs 9lbs. Wow. I also got to see animals that are off exhibit, including red ruffed lemurs, RTLs, and FOSSA. The fossa may have been the highlight of the day. One male named "Marmaduke" was so friendly and just plain beautiful. I also got to see the gorillas up close, including two year old Frank and his silver-back papa Ndume. Ndume has fingers like a bunch of bananas, and he waved them whenever his keeper stopped throwing snacks. What a day!

A few pics to prove it:

Oh, I missed out on the tiger pics, while trying not to pee my pants. You'll have to take my word for it!

Awe. Momma and baby hippo.

Inside of a hippo mouth!

Momma and baby hippo bums.


Ndume and his banana fingers.

Pheww. I'm beat!


  1. WOW thats amazing! I love the hippo bums:)
    I think they really like you at the SD Zoo!


  2. It was super fun! And the best part is that I can go back whenever :)