Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy busy

Well, I've had a busy week. I went to an all-day Forensic Anthropology Seminar, finished the first draft of a paper, went to the Jane's Journey documentary premier, gave a talk at the Zoo's Conservation Institute, and then went to an all-day workshop on camera trapping in biology. Phew.

My talk at the Conservation Institute was ok. I haven't spoken in public for a long time, like maybe a year and a half, and I was really nervous, so I stumbled a lot and was just a bit off. I did however get to talk to the Director of Animal Behavior (Mr. Director) and am really excited about the possibility of doing a post-doc with them. I have a long way to go before I even graduate, and have no idea if I could even get a post-doc position there, but I think I nearly fainted when Mr. Director started talking about a field station that they help manage in Cameroon. There are gorrillas, chimps, drills, colobines, mangabeys, and guenons, not to mention forest elephants, red river hogs and a plethura of other animals. For some reason, I got a bit woozey when he said "gorillas." I like gorillas and all, but have never had a particular desire to work with them. Or so I thought. Wow, would I love to do some work there. Again, I am getting way ahead of myself, but am excited at the mere possibility. GORILLAS!

On an unrelated note- does anyone have a wonderful spouse, who is bright, and successful, and all round fantastic, yet, can't seem to understand the difference between GARBAGE and RECYCLING? Just wondering. Hypothetically, I can see how that could get freakin irritating. Hypothetically.

Oh, and is there anyone who's kitty seems to love sleeping, yet thinks there is no reason for you to sleep? Maybe your kitty, punches you in the neck or bites your goddamn nose at 4am? Hypothetically, that could get fairly f*%king obnoxious. Hypothetically, of course.

And on and equally unrelated note, here are some little tent bats in Costa Rica:

Aren't they adorable?

Happy October eve.

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