Friday, September 23, 2011

Average length day

When I teach osteology, I have the following rules on spelling mistakes when grading quizzes:

- One letter, ok, but watch it
- Two letters, 1/2 points, sucker
- Three letters, no points, its not a word

My only exception is if the "mistake" changes the meaning of the word, like  what could happen with coronoid and coracoid. Where am I going with this? Check out my cup.

That, my friends, is not a word. No points, Starbucks. The dude that called it out said "Mar-len-k-bee-z." So I guess, that's who I am today. Marlenkbyz. Well, I guess its better than "Barfi."

On another note, today is the first day of fall. I can't really think of anything to say about that other that we are experiencing completely average day lengths, and that is really lame. So, if you haven't seen this before, or even if you have, check it out and have a chuckle:
OMG, that cracks me up! Blamo! S*%t is going to look so seasonal.

Also, in case you are in the San Diego area, next Wednesday I am giving a talk about lemurs and Madagascar at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. If you are thinking my blatant self-promotion is garish, don't, because I really only know like 3 people in San Diego and one of them is Kitty LaFleur. And she screams bloody murder when I put her in the car, so she isn't coming.

Lastly, Ron and I are going to Costa Rica for Christmas. TOGETHER! How exciting! We rented a little house on the southern Caribbean coast.
There literally will be monkeys in my back yard!

Ok, happy average day length day to all.


  1. Costa Rica will be awesome! Are you helping teach a field course too?

  2. Yes! Ron and I are going for a holiday and then I am stay for three more weeks. Gotta get my monkey fix ;) Hey- why does 'your' capuchin live alone? There is a lone RTL out at the Safari Park too- I wondered why, but couldn't find a keeper...

  3. PS I am sure there are very good reasons. I just feel sad for non-solitary loners.

  4. There are two capuchins in there. They just don't like to hang out together- maybe because they are completely different species who would never live together in the wild. Maybe it's because a rescued baby capuchin and a former helper monkey just can't get along. Long story.
    The RTL lost her mom a few weeks ago. There is a pair at the zoo and she will move there soon.