Monday, September 19, 2011

Important Interview

Last week I agreed to let a 12-year old home-schooled kid interview me about lemurs. Apparently, she loves lemurs and is making an Imovie about lemurs and lemur conservation. She just sent me her questions in preparation for tomorrow's interview and I think they are completely adorable. Here they are:

  • Do Ring-tailed Lemurs live in packs or groups?  How are the groups separated (female/male, age groups?)?
  • How did you choose to become a Lemur scientist?
  • Are Ring-tailed Lemurs the only lemurs you work with?
  • Are all Ring-tailed Lemurs born with rings?  (Dalmation puppies have no spots at birth)
  • Are Lemurs color-blind?
  • Have Lemurs changed in size or appearance through evolution?
  • Have Lemurs existed on any continent besides Africa?
  • Can Lemurs be aggressive or harmful to humans?  (If so, what is your experience?)
  • My favorite Lemur is the Coquerel's Sifaka. What is yours?

I especially like being asked what my favorite lemur is. I'm going to say George Clooney, for sure. How can you not love his hair do??

Now, I mustn't f%*k this interview up. First, because that is a rule I *try* to live by. But second, because I don't want to taint a young impressionable lemur loving mind and have her thinking lemur researchers are all a bunch of wackos. And third, because this is my first official interview as a "lemur scientist." 

I'll let you know how it goes...


  1. Clooney?! That vain jerk? He's your favorite?


  2. Vain jerk?! Nooo. George Clooney, the lemur, is awesome. Albeit a bit conceited and cowardly, he is the most handsome and charismatic.

  3. I had a Bustopher once who was also conceited and cowardly. Both of these characteristics is what makes a successful male ring-tailed lemur.
    Great that you are going to do this interview. I did one like this once, it was fun.


  4. This is so adorable!!! I especially love that she asked if ring-tailed lemurs were born with rings!!! Good Luck on your first interview :)


  5. Lisa- I LOVE the name "Bustopher." It is perfect for a flooffy fraidy-cat male.
    Tara- Isn't it cute! I am smitten with kids who love science ;)