Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Ten things about my husband, Ron:

10. He loves the 'Back to the Future' trilogy.

9. He claims to hate his left foot.

8. He frequently showers in the dark.

7. He is Kitty's favorite.

6. He thinks that he is a better driver than I am.

5. He actually does make the best scrabbled eggs on earth.

4. He looses his keys/wallet/ID badge every single day.

3. He has an alien implant on his lower back.

2. He last went to the dentist in 1980. For real.

1. He was once a baby. In fact, he was born 41 years ago today.

Happy Birthday, Ronman!!! I love you.

Just look at that adorable little butt!

Kitty also thought the YO! bag was quite approachable.


  1. That is awesome Marni, I love that pic!

  2. Thats great, I love it!

    BTW #9. I know...Its all he talks about when I visit!

    #5. Absolutely right! best eggs ever!

    Yo Ma