Friday, August 12, 2011

Raise the Roof

Today, I'd like to raise the roof (and my glass) to my Mom. After nearly seven long years, she has finally settled her brain injury case against ICBC. For the record, they (ICBC) are rat bastard's who put her unnecessarily through the proverbial wringer, but, today it ended relatively well. Although she was deemed "not fit to stand trail," today, she solely (with her lawyer) defended her case against ICBC lawyers and adjusters over a four hour period. For those of you not familiar, asking someone with a brain injury to do such a thing is comparable to asking someone who had their legs crushed, to run a marathon. BUT, my Mom did it, and I dearly hope that she can now move forward with her life.

Congratulations to my Mom & Dad. I love them both!

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