Monday, August 22, 2011

I hate Colorado

I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but I hate Colorado. I feel like a bit of an jerk even saying that, because I know that lots of people love Colorado and that there are many nice places in the state. Boulder, for example is a beautiful little city. And I hate it.

I had a visceral reaction today when I stepped out of the Denver airport and saw that flat dusty landscape.

Check out my phone pic:

Sure, the Rockies were behind me, but it was tumble weed and that demonic murdering horse (seriously. that greeted me.

I didn't take this pic, but you get the idea.

Things got a bit better when I got out to Boulder.

In fact, it was nice to see CU. Campus quote of the day: "CU is playing CS on my birthday. I am turning 19 and am going to do 19 shots. I've already worked myself up to 17." In response to '19 Shots', 'Friend of 19 Shots' said "intense." This conversation very quickly reminded me that I am now 15 years older than incoming freshmen. Thank goodness.

Anyhow, I will be in CO for the next few days and will hopefully hate it a bit less once I get to work and see some of my peeps.

Do you know who really suffers from all my shenanigans? Kitty. Poor thing tried to run away when Ron got home and is now hanging on for dear life.


  1. I agree. I lived in Denver for 2 months. I hated it. I tried to like it but I hate snow and driving in snow. And being laughed at for not wanting to drive in a blizard. Couldn't get to SD fast enough!


  2. Thanks for backing me up! Thankfully, Boulder is much nicer than the drive from DIA. Still, it SNOWS here. (insert heebee geebee noise)

  3. I agree. Hardly a clean lake to swim in nevermind the fact there are no trees at the lakes to sit under. No fast speed trains to hop on. Autumn leaves are a boring yellow-no reds or oranges and the University hospital is the worst. If your medical problem isn't on their resource agenda your number is up.