Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Drama Queen

Alright, I may have overreacted slightly with the I hate Colorado business. In my defense, however, the trek from the Denver airport to Boulder is the worst part of Colorado. First, its all flat and barren. Then there is the devil murder horse. Next you have the industrial pulp making (aka rotten-egg-smelling) district, which is shortly followed by an honest to goodness dog racing track. Then there is more horrible dirty freeway littered with tumble weed and garbage. Seriously. Anyhow, once you are out of all of that misery, Boulder is really beautiful this time of year. Plus, it is good to be at school. Within about two hours yesterday morning, I got more solved than I have in the last two months (thanks to Bender and DVG). And, I have samples, which makes me super happy!

My plants:

And good ol' Hale:

Ooh, and the lab got a new Gigantopithecus cast! Oddly though, the label notes how the brain is assumed "ape-sized" and the stance "bipedal." Why on earth would the stance be assumed as bipedal?? Weirdos.

In other news, the cats that I am 'kitty-sitting' are gay. How do I know this? Because they were fornicating on me at 2am. And then 4am. Of course, there is nothing wrong with their orientation, BUT I am now concerned that I may have committed a hate crime in a) kicking them off the bed at 2am, and b) locking them out of the bedroom at 4am. I would have kicked out any fornicating cats, regardless of their genders, which makes me feel like less of a bigot, BUT what I was thinking was "ah! the cats are gay!" I have some serious self-reflecting to do.

So, for the rest of the week I am going to be sorting and weighing out samples, working through some statistics (and much dreaded SPSS), and sampling some of not-too-miserable Colorado's finest microbrews. And pondering my completely unacceptable preconceived notions on feline sexuality.

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