Sunday, August 28, 2011

What's your bean situation?

First, I was horrified to realize that I had 4, count em 4, typos in my last post. OMG, I hate that. Don't worry though as I am a wee bit house elf-ish, and will be sure to close my head in the oven soon.

On another note, I have recently taken to obsessively worrying that I will graduate, after all these years in university (13, but who is counting, right?), and be a completely unemployable hobo (if you watch 'Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia' you'll understand the Hobo/bean situation connection). You'd think I'd be worried about, oh, my dissertation or that whole dissertation defense thingy, but no. However, its not like this is an unwarranted fear. I am sure that you will be utterly surprised (insert eye rolling) to learn that there isn't a huge demand for Anthropologists. Despite how much we Biologicals can tell you about monkeys, or bones, or you know, 2000 year old poop. And academic jobs, which were scarce before, are near non-existent in the current economic climate. I came across the following blog and post which I think sum up my conundrum nicely:

49 applications??! Wow. Earlier this summer, I applied for and did not get 2 separate short-term jobs, and I still have hurt feelings. Imagining 49 rejections this time next year is almost too much to contemplate. That being said, it pretty common now to do a post-doc (or two) between graduation and getting a job. So that could potentially delay my hobo-status for a few years. And, I have at least one of those in line, if I so choose. Which is nice to know.

Alas, perhaps should lay off worrying about my ducks before they hatch or get in line or however that goes.

Ron has gone to Vegas for a couple days, so Kitty and I are having some girls time. Happy Sunday and stay safe if you are out East!

Here are a phone few pics of late...

Dessert I shared with Rachel. Olive oil sponge cake, chocolate mouse and salted caramel. mmm...

Baobab sepals that I was about to weigh.

One of my many chameleon heads.

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