Monday, August 2, 2010

16 days

Its now 16 days until I leave and I *think* I may be getting used to the idea. I feel a bit like a groom with cold feet... I've been working up to this trip for so long, and I love my lemurs, and I love chasing them around, and I love the forest, and I want to do my research, but the idea of being away for 8+ months (I am really getting off "easy". Some people do way way longer, like 2 years) scares the crap out of me.

That being said, things are starting to fall into place. I got my passport back from the Malagasy consulate today, with a shiny new research visa (thank you, Teague). I managed packed 50lbs of batteries into a tiny suitcase and 15lbs on to my behind. I have more medications than I will probably ever need in my life, and I am amassing quite a collection of audio books. Plus, I really am getting sick of REI, which is a sure sign that it is nearly time to go.

Not quite yet though. This weekend there is a huge sandcastle contest Imperial Beach and Ron's work is having a party at the Zoo. The following week is Ron's (get this) 40th birthday and I get a jazzy new porcelain crown on my upper M2.

Oh, while Ron was in Vegas getting puffy, I read "Look me on the eye" by John Elder Robinson. Its really good! Its a memoir of a dysfunctional upbringing written by a man with Asperger's. I enjoyed it so much that last night I ran (well, drove really) out and bought "Running with scissors" which is Robinson's brother's memoir.



  1. Awesome Miss, I find Asperger's fascinating for some odd reason.

    I'm glad you gained 15 because you'll probably lose 40.........and btw good thing you're getting that crown so you can chew the rice & rocks! ;-)

  2. Miss are the audio books on an ipod?
    just wondering if they are 'share-able'....

  3. Hmm, not sure if they can be easily shared, given the large file sizes, but I will ask Ron. Ug, rice with rocks...