Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No problem

Ack. I keep trying to get a post up but I either don't have decent (or any) internet or am so exhausted by the time I get back to my hotel that I simply cannot string together a series of syllables.

Anyhow, the Malagasy don't ever really say "no." Rather, they have a series of "yes's" that often mean no, if you know what to look for (which I do not). And regardless of whether or not there is a problem, they tend to always say that there is "no problem."

The following are a few adventures of late, all of which are no problem:

1) Made it through gem stone country. Back in 2005 there was one town that supported the semi-precious stone mining. There a

B) I just jumped up because a GIANT cockroach ran past my foot. I was going to take a picture of it, but then I saw the GIANT spider beside the GIANT cockroach. I quickly decided I could not live with the GIANT spider (cockroaches are no problem) but it quickly disappeared into my pile of luggage. Oy, no problem.

1) cont... There are now a series of gem towns. All of which are equally scary and filled with dudes with fully automatic weapons. It is legal in gem country for employers to execute employees they suspect may be smuggling. We got stopped a number of times by the gendarmes but only had to pay off one, which is pretty good in my books. No problem!

2) We were out doing some shopping today. One of the things I needed was a large vessel to store water in. Jacky was kind enough to help me look and purchase such a vessel. We drove past a small market stall with a large suitably sized container. The "problem" was that there is a large "flammable dangerous goods" sticker on it. Jacky asked if that was what I wanted. I laughed and said "yes, except for the flammable/dangerous part." Jacky then said ok and got out of the car to look around. I had to wait in the car because apparently if I were there, the price would double. A few minutes later, the flammable/dangerous container is being loaded onto the car. I said "but Jacky it says flammable/dangerous. Should I really be storing my water in it?" He said "Oh yes, its no problem."

3) I just got back from an amazing dinner of "Big Grill Shrimp" which can be found at a restaurant here in Toliara. It is a massive portion of big grilled shrimp which are fresh and tender and sweet and served with a side of pesto butter. Amazing! At the end of the meal we received a special complimentary delivery... It was a fortified wine (we think) served in a baby bottle (WITH a nipple) and shot glasses. A baby bottle (WITH a nipple) filled with unknown alcohol and shot glasses. Bizarre, but definitely no problem.

Night all :)

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