Tuesday, August 10, 2010


HOLY SH*T! Sprinkles is opening at my Whole Foods!!! I am going to gain 300lbs and love every bite. They have quite a few locations now, but I've only ever been to the Newport Beach and Beverly Hills (the original) locations. I get double chocolate, unless they have coco loco, which is dark chocolate cake with spicy Mayan chocolate butter cream icing. mmm...

Ron hates going to Sprinkles, but given that I love it so much, he puts up with the Sprinkles snobbery. His hate stems from the Sprinkles code of conduct, which includes the following:

1. You must not photograph the cupcakes. AT. ALL. And for that matter, there are no photos in or around the shop. The windows are etched glass such that you could never even sneak a pic of the wee cakes. I even feel guilty snapping a pic once we are gone.

2. Even though there is generally a line-up down the block, you must NEVER block the door open or even take too long in closing the door. If you do, the entire staff stops dead until the door is completely closed (and the offender is completely embarrassed). Apparently, an open door affects the freshness of the cupcake. Who knew.

3. Boxes are for two cupcakes. Not one, but two. Last time we were in LA, I wanted to take one cupcake home to SD to have after dinner. I even had a special cooler all rigged up so that my little treasure wouldn't get over heated. I didn't want my single cake in the paper bag they sometimes give, because then the icing touches the sides of the bag and the cupcake isn't as pretty. So, I asked for one coco loco in a box. I was on my best Sprinkles behavior and figured I had a good shot at getting my $5 cupcake in a box. The girl taking my order gave me a "seriously?" look and then leaned over the counter to put her hand on my arm. She chuckled a little and said, "on honey, we don't do that." Yipes. I thought I was gonna get booted! Luckily I was quick thinking enough to order two coco locos in a box. Phew.

Can't believe I am getting a Sprinkles 1.6 miles from home!!


  1. Congrats Miss, another good reason to get back home from the forest!

    I like the rules, it reminds me of the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld...

    And also, I want a cupcake.

    Did you know that there are 2 cupcake 'reality' tv shows? Yes, and I'm hooked on watching them!

  2. Cupcake reality? Do they show the cupcakes or are they all blurred out, to protect their identity?

  3. The cupcake shows are awesome! One is DC Cupcakes and the other is called the Cupcake Girls. I believe the cupcake girls are originally from Victoria! You see many many cupcakes.

    PS: I still want a cupcake. Right. Now.