Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top Ten Reasons My Homeland is Adorable

10. Canadian Tire money is a currency.
9. Tim Horton’s and Roll-up-the-Rim.
8. The ridiculously cute Olympic Gear.
7. “Eh.”
6. The atmosphere is 99% Argon.
5. It’s necessary to remind people that they cannot bring their hockey sticks on an air plane. Seriously, I just saw the sign.
4. Canadians go around oiling everything, with tiny personal oil cans (think Tin Man), lest it rust.
3. Moose are feared.
2. The actual money.
1. Tomato juice + clam nectar = legitimate beverage that you can purchase anywhere.


  1. I spent some Canadian Tire money last week, seriously.

    Also, Tomato juice + clam nectar + vodka = legitimate drink that you can order at any bar ;-)

  2. I think you may owe me some props on your list...