Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fish taco, part 2. The Revolution!

The pics, from top to bottom are: Blue Water Seafood, Bull Taco, and Don Panchos (note the sauce, drool).

Ok, so since we started taking our tacos more seriously, Don Panchos has been our favorite fish taco in San Diego County. When I am in town, Ron and I drive 26 miles there and 26 miles back to get our much adored $1.99 fish tacos in IB. Don Panchos is a greasy little dive with no restroom and lots of graffiti. Here is the line-up: 2 mini corn tortillas, a dab of unknown white sauce, and small fried slice fish, all topped with pico, cabbage, cilantro, fresh lime and amazing home-made hot sauce. Super yummy! A bit like junk food, because the fish is fried, but totally worth it.

HOWEVER, last Tuesday traffic was horrid on the 5, so Ron and I cheated on our beloved Don Pancho and went to the much closer Blue Water Fish Market and Grill. We had seen it before of the Food Network, but hadn’t given it a try. Lo and behold, we have since been back 4 times! These are hands down the best fish tacos ever. The line-up: 1 not super tiny corn tortilla, a dab of cheese (odd, I know), AMAZING char grilled Mahi Mahi (or sword fish), cabbage, pico and fresh lime. The fish is so fresh and in big flaky wonderful chunks. This taco is well worth its whoping $3.95 price tag. The only draw-back is that they don’t make their own hot sauce, but don’t worry, I am going to make a suggestion about this important ingredient. You can watch a video about the place here:
BTW- while I was photographing and gushing over my perfect fish taco, the old couple sitting beside us who must have been partially deaf, said a bit too loudly that "tacos are for young people." Adorable.

I must also give a shout out to Bull Taco in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. The tacos are a bit small for $3.75, but are really tasty and come with the best view around. They are located within a State camp ground right the edge of a cliff overlooking a surf beach.

On another note, I did pretty well last night, with the not being too overly socially awkward at Ron’s boss’s house. I did almost make our gracious host cry, by accidentally asking about her recently deceased much loved dog, but in the large scheme of things I could of said with my horribly awkward manner, this wasn’t too bad.

I think tomorrow I will introduce you to Fridge LaFleur. FYI.

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