Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ecology for Dummies

UVic (the University of Victoria, of which I am alum) has all these bunnies on campus. These rabbits, or at least the founding population, were former pets which people dumped when they didn’t want them anymore. Now there is population of 2000 or so rabbits which are neither wild nor tame. Although it would be difficult to catch one of these bunnies, you could say, feed one a carrot or get close enough to take a good photo.

These rabbits are of course an invasive species to UVic, and they are a real pain to the grounds and facilities workers. In addition to the lawn, the bunnies mow down the rhododendrons, and the roses, and all other forms of lovely shrubbery. They burrow all over, which makes potholes in the lawn, and they also poop everywhere, which is of course problematic. The population is clearly growing and without intervention, could get out of hand pretty quickly, that is if it isn’t already. I get it, you get it, the rabbits are a problem.

So, what to do?

More tomorrow…


  1. Perhaps we could introduce a variety of lazer hounds (hounds with lazer eyes) to deal with the bunnies on our behalf. Although lazer hounds do come with their own set of problems.

  2. Did you know there actually was an organized protest against bunny culls?
    Bunnies have rights too! Save the bunnies! Be an activist for the prevention of cruelty to bunnies! :)