Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Stand (and fornicating cats)

Ever read the Stand? Well, I am reading it now and have been for about a month. Seriously, it is a long ass book. Anyhow, over the course of the last month, I have had about 3 decent sleeps because I am busy having super creepy dreams related to the Stand. And I am terrified of sneezes. Great. As if the Captian Trips and the post-apocalyptic world weren't enough, I am now on to the part of the story that takes place in Boulder. And Boulder, is of course, where I currently am.

Remember the fornicating cats that I some times "kitty" sit? Well, I've been watching them over the last few days and haven't had internet access at their place, so its just me, the gay cats (not that there is anything wrong with that), and the Stand. These cats bully me into over-feeding them, and don't mind one bit bullying me into over-feeding them when I am fast asleep. So a few times every night, one of them starts punching my face and they both stare at me, or rather, stare through me and yell. I wake up to the evil cat punching and staring, and each time they are in slightly different positions, but still doing the creepy staring. And then I am wide awake and without internet, wondering if the little cat bastards have high-jacked my mind, and inevitably reading more of the Stand. Everyone is getting murdered and walking past King Sooper's and thinking about going out West and telling me to go to Las Vegas, and now the evil cats' are in on it too.

Oh, but the cats weren't fornicating on me, which seems like a good thing, at least for my ability to catch some zzzs. Although, when they aren't busy tormenting me, they do always seem to be doing something weird...

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