Sunday, April 8, 2012


Well, I survived the last and potentially worst semester of my academic career. Dissertation LaFleur and I had quite a battle of wills and luckily (and marginally) I came out on top. I had many a sleepless nights and 16hr days and lots and lots of candy. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I am producing enough insulin to supply the western world.

Now, I can go back to planning my life around things other than my advisor's office hours. So, I now find myself pondering, what's next? You'd think I'd be considering getting a job or finding a post-doc, but really what I am most concerned about, is the state of my toe nails. Goal #1: Grow toe nails. Seriously. I have a terrible and some what revolting stress-induced habit of pick pick picking at anything and everything, and my poor little piggies have taken the brunt of this. BUT, now that I am a doctor (and not the kind that helps people) I really must straighten out the state of my toe nails.

So, that's where I'm at. Go figure.

Here are a few phone pics of late...

Ron food. mmm... My first real meal in ages and it was amazing!

My hate of gluten-free labeling continues.
OF COURSE its gluten-free (and Vegan)- its coconut milk for goodness sake!

Spring Break cone-head cabbages. 

Work at school.

Work at home. And my awesome new shoes.

The scariest pile of free stuff ever.

I guess Steve likes kiwi.

Steve! Who incidentally only comes around every 3 days now
that's its Spring and she's busy with Spring things.
Later peeps!

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  1. CONGRATS MARNI!! Dr. LaFleur, off and running...maybe off and sleeping, eating, shopping.
    See you at the conference in a few days! We should have a drink (alcoholic of course) to toast your new status.