Monday, January 30, 2012

No promises

The pressure is on peeps. There is a slight but real possibility that I could graduate this semester, and as such, I am spending my days all consumed with, dun dun dun -(insert looming melody)-,

Dissertation LaFleur

Well, I have also been reading the Hunger Games trilogy, but that is mostly just cutting into my sleep time. Anyhow, I am not likely going to be posting much on BLOG LaFleur in the next couple of months, since I will be busy working/thinking/writing/revising and the like. I will be sure to pick back up by the time a) my work levels off, or b) something interesting happens.

Right now, my routine is very boring, though functional. I go to school and work here:

Yes, that is a torso in the background.

And then I go "home" to my empty apartment and work here:

Note lack of torso(s).

I do enjoy being alone sometimes, but living alone is not for me. Out of desperation, I drew a face on my humidifier and named him "Stanley."  The mustache is supposed to make him look manly, but I'm not sure it working for him. I may need to go with a full beard.

Stanley, the manly humidifier, and my only companion.
Alright, I'm now going back to Dissertation LaFleur, and look forward to having a life again, when she is done. At some point. I'll let you know, but can make no promises...

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