Saturday, January 21, 2012


You know how most people know when a photo is about to be taken and they make a nice face? Somehow, I struggle with that. I try, but as soon as the trying starts, its all over and I end up looking like I'm experiencing significant bowel pain and a mini-stroke. If Ron is trying to take my picture, he has to say something funny and/or stupid in order to get me to look like a normal I-know-how-to-smile-for-a-photo type human. Anyhow the "Marn-face" was dubbed by some very astute field school students, after picking up on my near inability to make a normal smiley face for a photo. The Marn-face is neither flattering, nor something that I am proud of. It just is. Marn-face.

A good example of Marn-face, with a coconut.

The holotype Marn-face, with a coconut. I don't know why I have so many chins. 

Demonstrations of Marn-face.
I only look normal because I had no idea of what was going on.

More demonstrations of Marn-face.

New Year's Eve, sneaky, Marn-face.

NO Marn-face! If I am genuinely smiling, Marni-face stays at bay.

Thanks to MacKenzie Smith for the horrible pics.



  1. Sorry.... I laughed!

  2. I know- its ridiculous! There should be a support group or something for people with this disorder.

  3. The New Year's Eve photo! You look completely possessed! Even your eye color looks red, it's like you're in a horror film.