Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jungle blog

So today I am blogging from the veranda of our jungle "Root House." It is absolutely beautiful here and the wildlife is outstanding. From our porch I've already seen howler monkeys, 2 tucans, an agouti, and just spotted a bright yellow snake beside me- oh, actually I think its an eyelash viper, which is fairly dangerous. I'd better get Ron hidden... I am surrounded by forest noise, which I absolutely love, and am drenched in sweat, which I don't mind. Its not really very hot, its just that I tend to be sweaty. Especially above my lip. And that's not cool. I'm rockin the sweat stache.

Anyhow, yesterday sucked. As you may well know, we were robbed. At one of our stops along the way, some one got into our locked car and took two things: my camera bag, and Ron's backpack. I lost my camera lenses and accessories, and Ron lost his phone and passport. I was really choked. My camera lenses took years to acquire and were worth quite a few thousand dollars. And Ron is without passport. Oy. We had to report the theft at some special police office which felt pretty sketchy. They immediately separated Ron and I and took my passport. Seen "Locked Up Abroad?" Its a show about tourists who either get caught doing stupid sh$t (like smuggling drugs), or just get into unfortunate circumstances and spend their lives trying to get out of a reasonable facsimile of that jail from Midnight Express. That being said, it was fine and the officers were very nice. And, I'm totally over the whole thing. Neither of us were hurt. Stuff is just stuff and and can be replaced. INSERT MONKEY BREAK. ie howler monkeys just arrived at our house again, so I needed to take a look-see.

Ok, well I think I am going to take a nap. Or go to the beach. Or have a beer. Or lay in the hammock. I do need to rest up for my langoste dinner.

Until next time.


  1. haha. i enjoyed that blog marni. i also tend to rock the sweat stache and when it happens for days on end like it did when i was treeplanting when i was younger, you get a permanent dirt stache. its quite attractive.

    so sorry to hear about your losses. really sucks. on the lighter side looks like you have a reasonably good perspective on the whole thing - stuff is just stuff.

    drink a corona for me. i will be having french bordeaux.
    love jahlie

  2. Horrible about your robbery! And here I was thinking that Costa Rica might be a bit safer than other surrounding countries. I am thinking about early retirement to CR or Belize, as one can live rather cheaply. I am very curious about the sloth baby orphanage. Did you go there yet? Where is your beach house? You are the 500000000000000000000th person I know who has gone somewhere warm and beach-ish this December. I want to scream and never stop because as a professor at a Canadian univ. there is NEVER enough time after all the exam grading etc. to go anywhere at Xmas, particularly anywhere warm. Do keep up the CR stories however, as I don't actually hate you for being there.

  3. Jahlie- the sweat stash must be genetic! Also, have some champagne while you are at it!

    LG- I know :( My camera stuff, which is for the field, was worth about $5000. The bastards took the most expensive bag we had, along with the most important (Ron's passport). That being said, we are having fun anyhow. It would be a shame to loose all the stuff AND spoil the trip. We are at a place called Congo Bongo in Manzanillo CR. BTW- CR is expensive. Comparable to Canadian prices and much more expensive than San Diego. Stick with Belize...

  4. The robbery business sounds as bad as Madagascar, but in Madagascar you'd always take the valuable stuff with you. I remember Kathy Jacks lost her camera and backpack on a Costa Rican bus years ago when she was a Ph.D.student. Belize sounds safer. Too bad about how expensive it is! Are you going to the sloth orphanage? One can volunteer there!