Friday, May 6, 2011


Today, I am going to share some quotes. Here they are:

"One cestode is good for digestion!"
~ Jacky, on tape worm(s).

"No, no. Galidictis is not an eater of man."
~ Olivier, on sleeping outside and being bothered by The Bastards.

"You are not going to get the Plague. The Plague is ridiculous. Plus, its only in the south."
~ Marni, on Bronwyn and the Plague.

"I can't find my egg-in-a-bag."
~ Meghan on not being able to find her egg-in-a-bag.

"You are like some sort of twisted super hero."
~ Meghan, on my heightened ability to smell dead things.

"Peut-ĂȘtre cyclone."
~ Bakira, on whether or not it was going to rain.

"How can you have so many emails to respond to. You don't have a job. What are you writing,

Dear Kraft,
That shit is cheesier.
~ Ron, on my responding to email messages.

"You are as much fun as a bag of AIDS."
~ Ron on my morose tone in Madagascar.

"Mono is a gateway STD."
~ Ron, on my having Mononucleosis."

And here is a pic of the adorable baby bird that lived in a nest above my work/nap place at Tsimanampetsotsa.

Happy Friday!

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  1. You had MONO too?? In addition to Dengue and Malaria and parasites? Beza or Berenty were never that bad... And at Anja we ate pizza every night. Although I have to say that in 1994 when I did my post-doc research at Beza, there really was bubonic plague in Analafaly.