Monday, May 2, 2011


Well, I am finally home. Its really weird. Good, but weird. I can't quite recall how to behave appropriately in some everyday situations. For example, I went to Starbucks (wonderful wonderful Starbucks), ordered a drink, thanked the staff, and went to wait for my drink. The problem? I didn't pay. I didn't even think to pay. Hmm. Also, I am completely aghasted at the prices. Once you are used to paying 5 cents for a coffee, 4 dollars is insane. Maybe that is why I 'forgot' to pay! Hmm. Another pesky new habit is tearing up upon entering a grocery store. I just can't get over all the fresh produce. I feel all emotional about how privileged I am and then get overwhelmed with the seemingly insurmountable number of decisions to be made. Seriously, how many types of lettuce does one store need?

I tried to go shopping for some new clothes, but again, just think everything is too expensive. Once, when I was a kid, my dad nearly climbed through the McDonald's drive through window at a poor acne ridden teen-ager, because he simply couldn't believe the price of an orange juice. I nearly turned into my father this morning at the mall. Seriously, Anthropologie, $228 for a beach dress? Don't get too worried though. I did manage to cough up $6 for 80g of chocolate (Chuao, Spicy Maya. FYI), and its worth every penny.

A few things are new- I now have a Sprinkles in my neighborhood. How exciting! Girls are wearing really tiny jean shorts and NOT doing up the fly. On purpose. It looks completely ridiculous. Ron has taken to cutting his own hair. Well, most of it anyhow. No one can see the back of their head, right? Oh, and every time I turn around this double dream hands dude is on. What's with that?

My only news is that I have to provide LabCorp with 'stool' samples from now until eternity, upon the request of my doctor. I have a plethora of biohazard bags filled with these scary little tubes and their built in spoons. OMG.

On that note, check out my very first YouTube post:


  1. A lot of people tear up at the grocery store just after returning from a very very long field season. And when you think of the wasted food in our stores, it gets really depressing.
    Are you now considered a Biohazard? What does your doctor think you've got? Did you mention the malaria fevers?
    Why are those girls not doing up their flies? Why not just wear no pants at all?? Fortunately this disturbing 'trend' has not hit Vancouver island.
    It's important to be in that kind of zoned out space for awhile, so that you can enjoy all kinds of things you haven't eaten/seen/smelled for some time. Soon enough you'll be back to high-speed Marni.

  2. Oh and another thing... you will probably see Lemur catta everywhere for a while when there aren't any at all. At least that happens to me. Any horizontally striped shadow, pattern, whatever, I see a lemur where there isn't one.

  3. Lisa- my doctor has referred me to an Infectious Disease specialist. She said its likely Malaria but the Infectious docs will know better.

    As for the flies down, I have no idea. Maybe to show off their underwear? It looks so ridiculous. UGGs and bikinis are also popular.
    I haven't started seeing lemurs, but I do hear them!

  4. Glad I don't live in the same city as you- we know how to zip up the fly in La Mesa.

    Glad you are going to an infectious disease doc.If you are ever need urgent care with a good doctor who knows what crazy disease are, I recommend Gaslamp Urgent Care in downtown San Diego.

    Atleast your cup had a spoon :)


  5. Holly- did you move? I thought you were in Santee? Thanks for the info- I am ok now, but am a bit worried for when I stop taking my Malarial meds...

  6. We have a house in La Mesa now. Don't worry grad school minds don't have enough room to remember that stuff.

    Did you find out about taking Primaquine? You'd need a blood test first but it supposedly kills off lingering malaria that can lie dormant in your liver. All returned Peace Corps Volunteers get it and I was prescribed it last time I returned from Madagascar.