Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm stalking a small dog, and other news

As you may well know, critters are an important part of my life. Now that I am in Austria, I am feeling rather animal deprived. No dolphins to watch. No hummingbirds to feed. No Kitty LaFleur to pack around.

So, ages ago when I saw a sweet little doggie waiting in a storefront near my new apartment, I stopped for a wee visit and snapped a couple pics. Then I started looking for the little dog in the store window whenever I walked past. Which led to walking past the store window, so I could look for the small doggie. Recently, I've been going at least twice a day to take a peak: on my way to and from work, and/or when I'm generally out and about.

Awe. Hunde Kitty.

Then today something weird happened.

I was walking back to my apartment and saw "Hunde Kitty" (which I've taken to calling this dog in my head) in the dog park across from my apartment.

That wasn't the weird part, because Hundie's (yes, I also have an imaginary nickname for someone else's dog) store is like two blocks away, so its not that surprising that I saw her elsewhere.

Look how cute- she's on duty!

What was weird, was my reaction to this sighting, as is detailed in the following:

1. I stopped dead in my tracks and exclaimed "OH!" when I figured out who it was. Then I made very awkward eye contact with Hundie's owner*. And then I made a squeak. And then I put my big head down and remembered to start walking again.

2. Naturally, when I got back to my apartment, opened the window and started trying to get some pics of Hundie.

3. But then I got worried that Hundie's mom would see me taking pictures of them, and think I was some sort of psycho.

Can you see her little jacket??

4. And then I got marginally more worried that I am deranged.

5. Last, I decided to tell the world about it.

So that was pretty much my day. Oh and I picked up my official Austrian resident's permit, which was ready and waiting today, at the second** nuttiest government office I've ever been in.

M 35. Totally makes sense. 100%.

Oh, and I saw this sign, which means...?

*Recall that I have been walking past the shop where this woman works at least twice a day for like a month, wherein I generally squat down to chat with her dog through glass.

**Number one, is of course, the Mery.

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  1. You need to learn how to say 'So Cute!' in German and then confidently stride into the store and say it, pointing at Hunde Kitty. Perhaps if you do that you will learn the puppy's real name.
    The sign appears to say that if you have 3 marbles in your hand at the time when you see this sign, you must push the button, which will release 1000 more marbles from a secret location.