Saturday, December 11, 2010

STDs and Dictators

I am pretty sure that the night before last I slept in the prostitutes' quarters of a hotel. Why, you might ask? Let's compare my room to the room Bronwyn and Meghan shared, which was at the same establishment.

Bronwyn and Meghan's room:
- is nice-ish
- has the bible in 4 languages (German, French, English and Malagasy, FYI)
- has several posters and papers stating that sexual tourism and the exploitation of children for sexual purposes will not be tolerated
- has a balcony, bed, two bedside tables, a table and two chairs, armchair, armoir and a full bathroom

My room:
- is not nice-ish.
- doesn't have a bible in any language, let alone four languages
- has no information on sexual tourism or the exploitation of children for sexual purposes
- has a bed, shower, sink, and beside table, but no toilet

And, the piece de la resistance:
- several packages of condoms on the bedside table.

Icky. Really icky. I did sleep exceptionally well, although, I think I may have contracted syphilis in the night.

In other news, yesterday was an impromtu celebration in Madagascar- Dictator Day! The DJ-turned-coup-leader-turned-self-appointed-president declared it a national holiday in an effort to show people how well the country is doing with him in charge. Everyone had the day off, there were pick-up trucks cruising abound town with full orchestras playing in the bed, and fireworks to boot. Forced fun for all!

OK, tomorrow I promise to tell you about my super fantastic research and all things camp life.



  1. Are you at the hotel Central? That room looks suspiciously like the room I stayed at there. Except I don't recall there being a shower curtain, and there was a mirror (in which I took pictures of myself naked, for weight-loss documentary purposes, which eventually accidentally ended up on Teague's computer during a bulk photo swap, which then eventually ended up on a t-shirt he made for me as a very thoughtful gift. :))

  2. Gary looks suspiciously cosy though.

  3. Stephanie- there was a mirror, its just paralell to the camera. And, um...? Awkward!

    Miss- Gary is a bit of a tramp. That's right, you heard it here first.