Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well, after a rather hectic few days of gathering supplies in Toliara, I am heading back to camp. Even though I really want to be back in the forest, its always hard to leave town. Leaving the net behind is like saying good-bye all over again, since its so much easier to communicate with you all online. Think I'll just have to start IMing with the lemurs.

Here are a few tidbits from camp:

Washing my dirty dirty laundry

Beans and rice

Goat in an ox cart

And then goat up a tree


My tent/ the market

Getting ready for a nap. I can now snooze on cement in 45+ degree heat!

and a lemur zombie

See you all in February :)


  1. Have fun! I love it when the catta walk all stiff legged like zombies. At Berenty in 2006 I remember one of the spiny forest groups would run like the dickens through a field to get to the one kily tree in the area. Because the grass was taller than them, they would all do the Night of the Living Dead Zombie walk to and from the tree. We laughed at them and they acted like they didn't care.

    I look forward to reading the next installment in February. Goat for your Xmas dinner, since chicken is now definitely off the menu??


  2. Hi Marn!
    Unca Josh here :)
    Love the blog, I googled it and it came up no prob. Both Julian and Ronni loved the Zombie! Oh and Julian loved the poo too. Boy's love poo, why is that? Keep writing, we are following big time!
    Bye for now :)